This video talks about how being a CFA member gets into your blood. We think an overwhelming number of the nearly 60,000 people that make up the CFA - volunteers and staff alike - would agree that it does.

We put in a lot of time to make sure we are trained and ready to protect lives and property. Members of the brigade were out and about last night in the north and west of our area reviewing fuel loads, access, water sources and many other things that make up our local knowledge. We do this to ensure we are as well equipped as we can be for the potentially difficult season ahead.


The question is: Are YOU ready?


We have noticed that many drivers don't seem to know how to handle an emergency vehicle when they are approached by one on the roads.  The brigade put together a short video that shows the sorts of things we deal with and offers some simple advice and rules on how to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.  The video got a remarkable amount of coverage on facebook, and so we have posted it here as well.


This year the grass fire risk will begin earlier and last longer.  We also expect more intense fires than we have seen in recent years.  Just last week we provided a truck for a strike team tackling a large grass fire at Calder Park Drive in the city's north west. This is weeks earlier than we have seen in the past. 


It is really important that residents living in the fringe areas of Tarneit  and Truganina are well prepared and know what to do in the event of a grass fire.


CFA has produced an excellent video (below) that talks about grass fires, the risks they pose and what to do in the event of a grass fire.  To help our residents who come from a wide range of backgrounds, and often have English as a second language, we have prepared translations of the video's dialogue in a number of languages, which you can download using these links:


Arabic Burmese Hindi Mandarin Turkish Vietnamese


You can watch the video here: