The Truganina FCV is a Nissan Navara utility fitted out with multiple radios and assorted other equipment.  In the "Forward Control Vehicle" role from which it takes its name, it acts as the mobile "office" for a Strike Team Leader, who co-ordinates the activities of a group of five (usually) Tankers, when working on large grass or forest fires. The FCV can move more quickly than the tankers, and so will scout the incident and provide reconnaisance and intelligence to the Strike Team as a whole, improving it's effectiveness and co-ordination.

Most of the time the FCV also acts as a station car for ferrying people and equipment, and is also the resource normally used to deliver our Staging Trailer to an incident. This is the reason why Truganina employs a tray top ute as it's FCV, rather than a traditional four wheel drive.  For us cargo space is essential - even with the Incident Support Trailer fully loaded, there is invariably more equipment needed at the fireground (marquees for example) and this vehicle gives us that capacity.  The photo below shows the FCV and the Incident Support Trailer and marquee in a standard setup.

Truganina's Forward Control Vehicle and Incident Support Trailer