Truganina Pumper was delivered to the Brigade in the first quarter of 2018, and after a lengthy period of training on all the new equipment and systems it carries, was brought into service by the Brigade in June 2018.  This brand new vehicle is an acknowledgment of the changing character of Truganina and Tarneit.  With the rapid urbanisation of the area and the huge increase in industrial and residential development we needed a new truck that is suited to the sorts of incidents that happen in these environments.  Our Pumper is what CFA calls a Type 3 Medium Pumper, and is based on a Scania P310 Cab Chassis.  This large cabin accomodates a crew of 5, with room in the rear to accomodate two BA seats.  These seats each hold a breating apparatus (BA) set and allow us to put this gear on whilst travelling to the call, saving valuable time when we arrive on scene.  This capability alone is a significant enhancement to the way we can respond to urban structure fires.

 trug pumper frontqtr

The Pumper also carries a lot of equipment in those big side side lockers which is targetted at operating in an urban environment.  These are mainly tools for use at house and other structure fires like ventilation fans for clearing smoke, demolition saws for gaining access, and monitors that can be set up to deliver permanent waters streams onto a blaze.  There are also a number of tools included for use at car accidents and other common incidents. 

 trug pumper side2

Pumpers also (as you would expect from the name) have very powerful pumps that are designed to deliver high volumes of water at high pressure from multiple hoses at once.  This means that the vehicle has a more complicated and comprehensive rear panel for controlling the flow rate and pressure of water delivery and the making of foam when needed.  There is also the ability to control other on board systems (like lighting) through the menu driven multi function control panel.