Truganina Tanker in its Bay at the StationTruganina's Tanker is the grand old lady of the station.  At around 25 years old, it has seen a long and interesting life, including the Anakie fire of 2006 and the Black Saturday Fires of 2009.

Truganina Tanker is an Isuzu 3.2D series two wheel drive, diesel engined tanker and is the preferred appliance for going off road into the stony paddocks so common in Truganina, Tarneit and further afield. 

It carries 3000 litres of water and has a powerful two stage pump powered by a separate small diesel engine.  The crew of up to three work from the back deck, where hoses are set up to allow mobile attack on a fire from either side of the vehicle. Firefighters on the back deck journey to and from the incident seated in what is known as the ROP which stands for "Roll Over Protection".  New firefighters often find the sensation of riding to their first incidents seated in the ROP an unusual experience - looking backwards over the tank at the traffic behind is something that takes a little getting used to.

In the cab the driver and crew leader navigate, plan and co-ordinate the work, and maintain contact with other units and the incident controller via radio.  

Truganina Tanker returned from a re-fit in the middle of 2013 with Crew Protection Systems fitted and a new "live" reel that will allow us to continue using this vehicle for another few years.