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Welcome to the Truganina Fire Brigade web site!


The Truganina Rural Fire Brigade was formed in 1940 by local land owners as a way to co-operatively deal with the inevitable grass and bush fires that periodically effected the area. Over 70 years the brigade has moved several times, and has grown and changed in ways it would have been difficult for the original members to imagine.  It is still a wholly volunteer brigade, but in almost every other way is vastly different from where it began.


Truganina was initially a standalone brigade, there being no central co-ordinating body. After the Country Fire Authority (CFA) was formed in 1945, Truganina joined the Authority, and became part of what is now one of the largest volunteer fire fighting services in the world. Nowadays, Truganina is a member of the Mt Cottrell Group, in the Northern & Western Metropolitan District (District 14) of the CFA, and operates from the Station at the corner of Leakes Road and Sunset Views Boulevard in Tarneit, opposite the new Tarneit Railway Station. Interestingly, despite it's name the brigade has never actually operated from premises within Truganina, but identifies closely with the communities of both Truganina and Tarneit. Each of these regions is now growing dramatically as part of one of Melbourne's main growth corridors. Truganina Brigade is likewise growing, adapting and broadening its skills to meet the challenge of this rapidly changing community. To put this massive growth in context, in 2001 Truganina and Tarneit had a population of 1750. By 2016 that figure was 55,000+ so you can see that the area has changed at an extraordinary rate in that relatively short period.


The Brigade currently has some 80 members, including 40 active firefighters, as well as roughly 20 non-operational, supporting members and 20 Juniors. We attend approximately 350-400 incidents per year, and are very proud of the excellent service we provide to the local community.  Truganina also has a long history of providing support outside "our patch" to large campaigns like the 2009 Black Saturday fires and the Feb 2014 fires, where Truganina members played a significant role in managing the Whittlesea and Wallan staging facilities as well as providing a Tanker and crews for operations on the fire grounds.  More recently, Truganina members and appliances partipated in the 2019/20 Black Summer fires, both through deployment to NSW early in the season and then our pumper and multiple crews deploying to Orbost in the state's south-east across the week of New Year and the following weeks.  Other Brigade members worked behind the scenes in incident control and support roles and back in our area maintaining local services.    


If you are interested in our history, you can learn more of our past by browsing to the "Our History" pages, and in "Our Resources" you can learn more about the vehicles and equipment that make up the Brigade's operational assets.


If what you read interests you, and you think you have what it takes to be a member of our great team, why not head over to Thinking of Joining?