Today Truganina Fire Brigade has moved well beyond its roots as a rural fire brigade which was  primarily focused on preventing damaging grass and bush fires in the grazing and crop lands of the area.  With the explosion of growth in the Tarneit and Truganina areas of Wyndham, the population and level of infrastructure inside the brigade's footprint has grown massively.  To cope with this Truganina has undergone an extensive program of training and up-skilling its members to cope with the demands of firefighting in urban scenarios.  We have also been equipped with a new Pumper-Tanker that is more suited to urban fire-fighting, as well as retaining many of the capabilities of a Tanker for use in our more traditional roles.  


Whilst we have changed a great deal in the last few years, Truganina has a long and interesting history that has seen many changes, station moves and many, many personalities as part of the brigade.  We have a project in mind to collect and collate our history and creat a digital version that can be included as part of the web site.  Please bear with us... with 75+ years of history it will take a little while.