The Brigade has had an active Juniors program for many years, and it has been responsible for producing a significant number of our current firefighters.  


The program is open to children and teenagers from the age of 11 up to 16, although the latest you can join is 15.  It is run at the Fire Station on the corner of Leakes Rd and Sunset Views Blvd, opposite the Tarneit Community Learning Centre and Tarneit Railway Station.  


The program includes a wide range of benefits that help our juniors to:

  • Make friends and have a lot of fun
  • Learn useful skills like an introduction to firefighting, first aid, map reading and many others
  • Learn about volunteering and how it benefits the individual and the community
  • Develop and maintain personal attributes like leadership, commitment and respect


As part of the program our Juniors get to participate in:

  • Basic firefighting training like hose handling, setting hydramts, runing pumps and other  skills.
  • Using those basic skills as a member Truganina Brigade's running team which is the Firefighter's "sport"
  • Visits to other CFA facilities (Headquarters, other stations and training grounds), Police and other services like the SES and Ambulance Victoria.
  • Enjoy Movie, Trivia and Pizza nights at the station
  • Fundraising activities for the Brigade and the RCH Good Friday Appeal


junior running

Juniors from Truganina Competing in a Running Competition


Membership of the juniors program is free, as are most activities. Some specific activities might require us to ask for a small contribution to help cover costs but we try to limit this to the absolute minimum.


We require the juniors to adhere to a code of conduct while particpating in the program. This is to ensure that the junior program is a safe, relaxed, friendly, respectful environment. There are at least two Junior leaders who are members of the Brigade present at every session to supervise.


You can download a brochure about the Juniors Program here.  If you would like more information email us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact Us form or and we'll be happy to make contact and tell you more.