Firefighters are the core of any Fire Brigade and are the heart of the CFA. Truganina has approximately 40 active firefighters who collectively service the 350+ calls the brigade receives each year.


Like most CFA brigades, all our firefighters are volunteers drawn from the local community.  Of the 1240 brigades that comprise the CFA around 1200 are purely volunteer, and Truganina is no different. Our volunteers come from a wide range of professional and ethnic backgrounds, range in age from 18 up to their 60's and 70's and whilst the majorty are male there is a strong and growing contingent of female firefighters.


gear on hooks Gear Hooks holding Turnout gear for Firefighters at Truganina


All our firefighters have completed the CFA "Minimum Skills" program - this is the pre-requisite for being able to turn out on a truck to any incident. It covers the basics required to be safe and useful in a wildfire environment - grass and scrub or bush-fire. Having completed minimum skills, all our firefighters then move on to add "low structure" which allows them to work at urban residential and small business/industrial incidents. After reaching Low Structure the options for further training open up and our members cover a wide range of skills including:


  • using Breathing Apparatus
  • Driving under operational conditions (i.e. driving a fire truck "Code 1" with Lights and Sirens active) 
  • advanced four wheel drive operations
  • more advanced Structural firefighting
  • qualifying as a Crew or Strike Team Leader or Incident Controller
  • Staging Area Management (a specialty of Truganina's)
  • working as a member of an Incident Control Centre
  • Specialist skill courses like Rescue or HAZMAT