If you asked people out in the community "Who joins CFA?" most would say "people who want to be firefighters".  While its true that many who join are focused on being a firefighter, a significant proportion of our members aren't operational.  They work in the background, supporting the firefighters, and also go out in the community educating children and adults about the risks of fire.  So "Are you interested in joining CFA?" doesn't necessarily mean "Do you want to to be a firefighter?".  We are not only looking for firefighters (obviously we need a lot of them too!) but we also need a wide range of other attributes in our members.  If you have skills in or are interested in:

  • education
  • business administration or management
  • fund raising
  • asset management and maintenance
  • project management and planning

or any of a number of other skills, you may be able to help your community as a member of CFA.


Another common misconception is that firefighters are all male.  That is definitely not the case in CFA and we welcome anyone who wants to commit to helping their community.  We are also keen to draw members from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Of course there is a need to communicate quickly, efficiently and accurately with your team mates on the fire ground so to be an operational member you must have good English comprehension and listening skills.


Finally many people believe a firefighter has to be extremely fit.  While it certainly helps, many of our volunteers are just average folk off the street.  As a volunteer, you are required to meet basic medical standards, but don't be put off by these requirements  - they are not as severe or difficult to pass as you might think. 


If you think after reading this page that you may have what it takes to contribute as a volunteer in CFA why not head over to the Contact Us page and send us an expression of interest.  If you live outside of Truganina or Tarneit, but are interested in joining, you can send an expression of interest to your nearest brigade via the main CFA web site.